My soul mate, Miguel Mejia, left this world on January 18, 2021, after a month-long battle against Covid-19. My memories include so many wonderful tennis friends, mentors, competitors, and life-long enthusiasts who shared his passion for the game.
But it wasn’t just a game to Miguel. It was a way of life. He lived out his ideals on the court, striving to play his best, to enjoy the dance, and to demonstrate fairness and integrity. He once told Ed Trost, “Winning and losing do not define us, it’s what’s in our heart that matters, playing with integrity and gratitude.”
Miguel took lessons from pros wherever we traveled and certainly at his home club, Chamisal Tennis and Fitness Center in Salinas/Monterey. General Manager, Luis Reis, said of Miguel, “His desire to continue to improve his game and skills was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. He took my Saturday clinic for almost a year to try and adapt his game and learn how to compete more efficiently, at 88 years of age. Another thing, Miguel never said no to anyone that wanted to play with him. It didn’t matter the level or age. He played with everyone. Tennis was a better sport because of him.”
During the pandemic, Miguel studied Brent Abel, Fuzzy Balls, and Tennis Summit videos, to name a few, followed by practice, practice, practice. One of his greatest delights was Louie Cap’s Boomer Clinic at Van Der Meer Center on Hilton Head Island in 2019.
The Covid battle was a marathon. For those who don’t know about the disease, the lungs harden and then rupture. In the end, the air was outside his lungs, which could not function as they were meant to. His dying wish was that everyone take the Covid precautions seriously. He didn’t want any of us to go through what he did.
Life was a glorious adventure with Miguel. Some say he’s playing on heaven’s courts. I’m just grateful he’s at rest. Stay safe, and play with joy as long as you are able.
My thanks to all who knew, supported, and cared about him,
Barbara Mejia

Miguel and Barbara Mejia